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direcciónGustavo Le Paige 159

Archaeological Tour

Hotel Jardín Atacama | San Pedro de Atacama | Chile arqueologico Archaeological Tour
  • Departure: from hotel 08:00 – 08:30.
  • Return: 12:30 aprox.
  • Route: We will visit the most important archaeological sites in the region and travel to the past to get closer to the origin of the Lickan – Antai culture. We visit the Pucará de Quitor, an important part of the history of Chile, for the Battle of Quitor (1540), one of the first clashes between Spaniards and Indians. A typical tasting is included in Ayllu de Coyo. Then, we will see the Village of Tulor, the oldest settlement of the Salar de Atacama (between 800 a.C. and 500 d.C.), preserved for centuries almost by miracle under the sand. Finally, we will move to the center of San Pedro de Atacama, to travel in time until the time of the Colony, where we will visit the Church of San Pedro, National Monument.
  • It includes: A typical tasting.
  • Ticket: $6.000 (pucará de Quitor y Aldea de Tulor).
  • Price: $25.000.